I live in Sweden and right now I work on backend systems using Python and Golang.

I've started my career in tech in 2019. I've first worked as a frontend developer but quickly knew it wasn't my cup of tea. So I switched to backend.

My first professional backend language was PHP, where I used frameworks such as Yii2 and Laravel to create server-side code.

After doing that for 1.5 years, I switched to a company where we use Python, Golang and other "stuff" for our systems.

I also document my studies by writing technical articles on whatever I'm currently studying. I publish every Monday at 16:00 GMT time.

What about stuff outside of technology? Some misc facts about me:

  • I mostly work remotely but enjoy travelling here and there.
  • My primary sport is powerlifting.  
  • I've dropped out of college in 2019 (hence starting my professional career) .
  • I like epic fantasies (especially the Stormlight Archive series).
  • I'm a big fan of podcasts (currently listening to Trash Taste)
  • My favourite anime is Code Geass
  • I grew up mostly in the Middle East.
  • I speak Russian, English, and Arabic.

You can also look at my LinkedIn for a more extensive overview of my career.