Thoughts on ChatGPT and How I use it

Thoughts on ChatGPT and How I use it
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When ChatGPT came out, I used it a lot.

From my job to my writing and fitness.

But then I started to notice that I'm becoming dumber.

Also, my ego got in the way, I was like "Huh, I should be able to solve this myself without ChatGPTs help"

So I stopped using it as much.

When I stopped using it as much, everyone else was using it and it seemed like I was falling behind.

Then I understood something.

AI isn't here to replace me but is here to help me.

So I sought to find ways how to use ChatGPT without hindering my critical thinking skills.

I will share with you my findings today.

TLDR version of the article:

  • ChatGPT helps us free our brains so we can focus on the important stuff.
  • ChatGPT isn't the end-all solution, you gotta also think.
  • ChatGPT is more useful in fields other than tech.
  • AI is a game changer, learn to use it effectively or get replaced by someone who does.
  • AI is as accessible as ever, there's no reason why not to learn it.

Using ChatGPT to save brain power and time

Before ChatGPT, I had to come up with solutions from scratch.

I had a feature in my mind and had to dissect it myself.

Now, I can let ChatGPT outline my feature and we can work TOGETHER to come up with an optimal solution.

The important note here is to never blindly accept ChatGPTs solution but to work with it.

You have to ask questions such as:

  • Does it work properly?
  • What are the edge cases?
  • Can we make it better?

This lets us save brain power and time to focus on more important things that ChatGPT can't help us with much.

Things such as:

  • The architecture of our system.
  • The needs of our consumers.  
  • Reducing technical debt.
  • Improving the productivity of the team.

If you are satisfied with the solutions and it truly saves you a lot of time then you can dedicate the time you saved to your personal goals such as family and self-education.

ChatGPT is not the gospel

ChatGPT is not always correct.

I don't know about ChatGPT 4 but 3.5 doesn't always give you the correct or optimal answer.

Maybe it's because it doesn't have access to the internet or that I didn't prompt it correctly.

So with that in mind, I always make sure to validate ChatGPT's answer.

The way I use ChatGPT is more of a compass than the final destination.

It gives me direction to do some more research by myself.

ChatGPT in other fields is surprisingly useful

I found ChatGPT a lot more useful in fields other than tech.

I asked it all sorts of questions from fields such as:

  • Fitness – workout planner and meal plans.
  • Relationships – Date night ideas, present ideas, poems, etc...
  • Business – Getting ideas, validating them, and
  • Writing – Ideas, outlines, and rewrites.

I found it to be very useful especially when you know how to prompt it correctly.  

Keep in mind that ChatGPT should not be your only source of research, you can use it as a start but make sure to supplement it with some other resource.

100x your productivity by mastering your tools

The myth of the 100x engineer is real.

It's not because the engineer is so good.

It's because everyone else is so bad.

The same thing is happening in the AI tools sphere.

There are many people using it but only a few who truly know how to use it well.

I can't give you much advice here because I've only started my journey using these tools.

But just keep learning and once I become the AI tools Jedi master, I'll make sure to write an article about that.

Learn AI, there's no reason not to.

AI has become so accessible.

In the past, you had to go the traditional path of university and research.  

But now there are many accessible resources online that can get you started.

You don't have to be the world's top expert, you can just be better than the average and this will take you far in life.

There is a window open where there are few experts, so be sure to take this chance.


I would like to reiterate the main point that I want to get across.

AI is here to aid you not replace you.

If what you do can fully get replaced by AI then your not operating on the right levels.

Get more creative and do more important work.

I hope you will survive in this era of AI because it ain't going anywhere.

We either learn how to work with it, or get replaced by someone who does.

Be the former, not the latter.

Thanks for reading.

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